Voxelstein 3D


The classic Wolfenstein 3D, now with voxels


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Voxelstein 3D is a first-person action game inspired on the classic Wolfenstein 3D, but with the pixelated graphics of the original upgraded to graphics made entirely of voxels.

This change, which at first seems merely aesthetic, turns out to be very significant when you realize that any surface in Voxelstein 3D can be broken. In other words, you can make a hole in a door or a wall with a bomb, or even cut open the sky with your knife.

Despite being inspired by Wolfenstein, the levels in Voxelstein 3D are totally different from Apogee's legendary game. In fact you'll find some rather disturbing images in some of the rooms in Voxelstein 3D, with, for example, pictures of George Bush hung on the walls along with other controversial figures from the history of the United States.

Despite the disturbing images, Voxelstein 3D offers you a solid FPS playing experience and, most importantly, preserves the original weapons: a knife, pistol, machine gun, or sub-machine gun.

Voxelstein 3D is a rather curious game where besides having to shoot lots of Nazis, you can make holes in any of the walls with the help of your knife or the grenades you'll find in the castle's secrets rooms.
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